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Cancer patient trial finds acupuncture lessens chemotherapy neuropathy

Acupuncture can help cancer patients who suffer with neuropathy as a result of chemotherapy, a study has found. The trial at Manchester’s The Christie found 68% of patients getting the treatment reported that symptoms of the nerve condition had lessened.

What is Acupuncture? How does it work? What can it treat?

Matthew Bauer, L.Ac., President at The Acupuncture Now Foundation, a non-profit organisation discusses the practice of acupuncture, the foundation, and their mission to bring accurate up to date information and resources to health professionals and the public.  He also talks about how acupuncture works with conventional Western medicine.

Acupuncture and Acupressure May Ease Pain Associated with Cancer

Researchers say acupuncture and acupressure can help ease the pain of some people with cancer. They add that the use of acupuncture and acupressure can also reduce the need to prescribe opioids for cancer pain. These methods can boost the immune system because they work on healing the whole body.

16 December 2019

Check out this study which shows non-drug treatments such as acupuncture could be a viable alternative for patients with chronic pain. Find out more.

6 December 2019

Another very encouraging study on the effectiveness of acupuncture for cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment, say researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Find out more.

26 November 2019

Lets give men more support. Male sub fertility is a massively under-recognised problem, with 1 in 6 couples struggling to conceive and in around 40% of those cases the issue sits with the man, yet still the men are lacking support. Find out more.

26 November 2019

Researcher Lianne Aquilina considers the evidence that acupuncture can help women manage severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Find out more.

18 November 2019

Patrick Dempsey’s cancer centre offers acupuncture, and he swears by the needle treatments too! Dempsey started the non-profit cancer center in Maine, where his mother was treated for ovarian cancer. He told Insider that acupuncture is one of the most popular treatments offered at the Dempsey Center. Scientific studies suggest that acupuncture can help ease the nausea and vomiting that are often side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Find out more.

6 November 2019

Nice article in the Evening Standard on affordable acupuncture, including the work of acupuncturists helping the community of Grenfell. Find our more.

1-3 November 2019

The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) is at the Fertility Show, London. Acupuncture is a popular treatment choice for infertility. Please visit the BAcC stand if you would like to find out more about:

  • how acupuncture can support you through your fertility journey;
  • how you can identify a safe, well-trained and professional traditional acupuncturist;
  • the research that has shown that acupuncture may increase the chances of success of IVF treatment.

See also this BAcC video which features some success stories from the practice of BAcC member Alison Savory: