Close-up Of A Therapist Giving Cupping Treatment On Back


Cupping therapy involves glass cups being applied to the body to create a vacuum seal that stimulates blood flow and clears stagnant Qi. Static cups may be applied over specific acupuncture points and left in place, or a sliding cupping technique may be used, with a suction cup applied to the skin over a base oil and then moved over an area whilst suction is maintained.

This therapy helps with many conditions including pain and inflammation, reducing tension, promoting blood flow, and enhancing relaxation and general well-being.

Large bone scraper tool being used ruing a guasha acupuncture treatment


Guasha (pronounced gwa-sha) is a centuries-old practice. A base oil is applied to the skin and a sterile, single-use tool is used to apply pressure to the skin with a stroking or light scraping action. This increases blood flow to the area, stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces inflammation and clears stagnant Qi.

Guasha is commonly used to relieve muscle pain and tension; it may also be used to relieve colds, fever, chronic coughs, sinusitis and migraines. Painless light bruising may appear as red or purple spots (known as petechiae or sha) which usually disappear within a few days.

Woman being treated with acupuncture and moxibustion treatments. Close-up photo.

Moxibustion (moxa)

Moxibustion is a form of heat therapy in which dried plant materials called ‘moxa’ are burned on or very near the skin at particular points on the body. Used in conjunction with acupuncture, the intention is to nourish, warm and invigorate the flow of Qi in the body.

Moxa has an anti-pathogenic effect and boosts immunity, it is widely used in pain management, as well as digestive complaints and even to turn breech presentation babies.

Moxibustion may be:

Direct - with small cones applied to acupuncture points and allowed to burn down near to the surface of the skin before removal.

Moxa sticks - held over acupuncture points or moved over affected channels or close to needles.

Moxa on a needle - rolls of compact moxa are placed over the ends of inserted acupuncture needles to enhance treatment.

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