I feel so blessed to know Alison, a truly special person. She came into my life when I was at one of my lowest points. This was my first experience of acupuncture and I didn’t know what to expect or if this type of treatment would be for me, but from the outset I knew I was in safe hands. Alison is just amazing, pure hearted, compassionate and very knowledgeable. Her treatments and skills are first class. I am so grateful to Alison for treating me holistically and supporting my overall wellbeing. Thank you always

- SL

Alison helped me hugely when I came to her with quite severe neck pain. After leaving her Studio for the first time, I truly felt like a different person. Not only had she significantly eased the pain, but I felt more energetic and less lethargic too. Since then, I have been seeing her regularly and she has helped with numerous issues (physical and emotional) in a holistic, kind, and caring way. I feel very lucky to have found Alison and am delighted to recommend her to friends and family.

- H. Parker

I had acupuncture alongside IVF treatment. I appreciated Alison’s warmth and compassion whilst going through a stressful period and found acupuncture very helpful, always feeling more relaxed and with a positive frame of mind following treatment. Baby is now due in 10 weeks! Thank you Alison

- LS

Alison has been an absolute wonder over the past few months using her knowledge & expertise to help balance my menstrual cycles & various other issues. Alison is a wonderful person with great calm, care and thoughtfulness who takes time to explain what is going on and how best to remedy it. I am so thrilled with the results of my acupuncture sessions with Alison and can recommend her without hesitation!

- AC

If only I had found Alison sooner! Alison is kind, caring and compassionate who listens with empathy, advises with discretion and treats with her exceptional knowledge of acupuncture. As soon I walk into her warm and relaxing studio I feel an immense sense of relief and calmness. Not only do I benefit enormously from the treatment itself, I also thoroughly enjoy our chats, her thoughts and wise words. Thank you Alison from the bottom of my heart, you continue to guide me through these somewhat testing times and I am eternally grateful

- Jayne

My appointments with Alison for treating tennis elbow have been a total eye-opener in terms of her professionalism and the time Alison takes in fully explaining how acupuncture works. I would totally recommend Alison’s work and amazing results, leaving me a happy customer

- Chris W.

Where would I be without Alison? Alison is one of the warmest and most compassionate people I know, I feel that I can trust her and tell her how I really feel. I came to Alison with the typical concerns of a teenage girl, and she continues to reassure me with every one of her treatments. I come out of each session feeling renewed and ready to face whatever lies ahead of me, be it at school or at home. Alison has helped me to grow spiritually and mentally. Thank you Alison x

- AE

Alison has been such a calming, grounding presence throughout my first IVF journey. I found it so comforting to see her during what could have been a potentially stressful process. I felt completely confident in Alison’s hands and her acupuncture supported me during the transfer and throughout my pregnancy. Recently, I have also been having acupuncture with Alison for hayfever – something I have suffered from for years. This has been transformational, and I no longer experience the symptoms so acutely. I would highly recommend Alison – she takes a genuine interest in her clients, making each appointment personal and attuned to your needs.

- GC

Alison has a unique capacity to listen. She is attentive, understanding, curious, informative, inclusive, hugely supportive and wholeheartedly dedicated to and passionate about her practice. In her capable hands I feel held and utterly safe, I can trust her and the process whole heartedly. It is these essential human qualities which Alison brings so naturally to the whole experience that allow me to let go and be open so that my body can fully receive the treatment. This is what makes the difference.

- BJ

I am so grateful for Alison's efforts in treating my 11 year old son for long Covid, it made such a difference to his recovery. She put him at ease straight away with her kind, patient and friendly manner and he looked forward to his appointment each week. She really listened to his symptoms and I saw a noticeable improvement in his condition after each session. Thank you Alison!

- IE

I have received weekly acupuncture sessions for my sciatic pain which came on overnight, hung around for several months, but has now thankfully gone. It was very debilitating, I couldn't sleep, move very much and when I could move, was walking with the aid of a stick. The pain relief medication prescribed didn't work, but acupuncture definitely did. I would recommend this therapy to anyone as it treats the person as a whole and the needles are truly painless. After each treatment I feel more energised and mobile. If you are thinking of giving this treatment a go, I would definitely recommend Alison. I cannot speak too highly of Alison and her extremely kind, understanding and professional manner. She quickly put me at ease and runs her practice from a very relaxing environment. I will continue to use her services going forward.

- KG

I have used acupuncture for over 40 years, for various injuries, and have great faith in it. I am so glad that I found Alison, she has been marvellous. My pain is now under control. I recommend Alison, she’s excellent

- KJ

Alison has been such a help to me and I am immensely grateful for her acupuncture and cupping treatments for my lower back pain. Alison has the most empathetic manner of any professional I have come into contact with.

- AK

I am incredibly grateful to Alison. Her treatments have addressed longstanding issues and really improved my quality of life. Alison explains everything she is doing and why. Anyone who is new to acupuncture could not wish for a better practitioner

- Neil

I do not hesitate to recommend Ali. She is a special person. Her compassion and empathy make me feel cared for. The studio is wonderfully quiet and calm. The treatment leaves me feeling relaxed and always looking forward to my next visit.

- Olwyn

Alison is a kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable person. Her treatments leave you feeling completely relaxed and in balance. The studio itself has an incredibly calm, serene and peaceful atmosphere.

- Marianne

I would recommend Ali to anyone - her level of expertise matches with the care and attention that she puts into developing her treatment plans. It does not take long before starting to see the results and the positive impact on health and wellbeing. The acupuncture studio is a relaxing space, with a calming atmosphere maintained alongside the adherence to Covid safety measures.

- May

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